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Unsure of exactly what you want to see?  Perhaps a trip to Honolulu, secret spots on the north shore, or a grand island tour.  Check out these quick break downs of interesting places on Oahu separated by location.  Remember that you can do a full circle island tour if that is where your interests take you!  

If you really want to go off the beaten path just let us know!  We got you.

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North Shore expedition

Known for its clear deep blue waters, world famous surf breaks, Waimea rock jump, shaved ice, dole pineapple plantation, paddle boarding, old Hawaiian he’iau’s and beautiful empty beaches.

sweet South Shore

Check out the wind surfers from the Diamond head lookout, drive through the Kahala estates, get stunning views of the Pacific from the cliffs of the Portlock estates.  You can’t miss the world famous Sandy beach and the everyones favorite Makapu’u lookout.

East Side Exploration

Known for it’s upscale Kailua town, with world famous Lanikai beach down the road, and of course the Mokolua islands will leave you stunned.  Take a slow drive through the Ho’omaluhia botanical gardens, bask in the tranquility of its lush green forest underneath the vertical slopes of the Ko’olau mountain range.  The world famous Pali lookout will take your breadth away and also take your hat right off too!

Trip to Honolulu

Enjoy a trip to Honolulu and experience amazing views of the city from Tantalus lookout, tour the old Hawaiian bishop museum and learn some history, or a short walk to some easy to get to hikes and water falls.

Do What the Locals Do

Perhaps you want to know what it’s like to live the lifestyle of the locals and hang out at some lesser known yet beautiful parks and beaches.  Shop around the fish markets and try out some local Hawaiian cuisine.  Take some of our favorite back roads that your friends have never been down.  Your trip to Honolulu is not complete without getting yourself some local slippahs too!  Caution:  You may pick up a little pigeon accent along the way!  CHEE HOO!

So Much more...

Just remember that you can go anywhere and that no matter where that may be there will be so much to see along the way!

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